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    Error while invoking host script

    Priyanka Dhiman
      We are invoking a host shell script registered as Concurrent program via fndcpesr. It was working fine until today - all of a sudden now the job runs, and completes with Status=Normal, but throws the below error

      /opt/oracle/EBUS/appl/xxegfin/11.5.0/bin/XXEG_SHELL_SCRIPT: how: not found

      Script Name           : /opt/oracle/EBUS/appl/xxegfin/11.5.0/bin/XXEG_SHELL_SCRIPTReport o/p file name      :
      New file name           :
      copying ....
      Error in Copying... :
      cp: /opt/oracle/EBUS/comn/admin/out/EBUS_servername/: is a directory

      We had a word with the DBAs and they said that the fndcpesr has been corrupted and they simply replaced the same and the program ran successfully.

      Can anyone of you please let us know the reason why this got corrupted of its own. Any help would be highly helpful as we are struggling to find the reason for this.

      Many Thanks!!