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    Failed to add appliances " appliance dose not have matching certificate"

      Hi All,
      I have installed Oracle DBFW and DBFW Management Server (5.1) on a VMware machine.
      The installation runs successfully. However, when I add a new appliances in the Appliances Tab / Add

      Appliance's name : dbfwms
      Appliance's IP : (the ip address of DBFW server and DBFW Management Server)

      it comes with the errors
      *" Communication error, appliance dose not have matching certificate"*

      Since DBFW server and Management Server is located on the same host, so I do not see any steps in documentations to add the certificate of DBFW server for Management Server. I saw the certificate released by Management Server and it was ok.

      Can anyone guide me what is the problem.

      Best Regards,

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