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    ActiveMQ Integration with Weblogic 10.3


      I have done integration of ActiveMQ 5. 1 with weblogic 10.3. As I am not able to deploy active-mq resource adaptor on weblogic sucessfully (weblogic.application.ModuleException: weblogic.connector.exception.RAConfigurationException: There is no ra.xml or weblogic-ra.xml specified.)

      I have opted to deployed the ActiveMQ as WAR and make that start while server start up.

      Previously we were using the RAR on JBOSS and we have configured MBD with ejb-jar and jboss.xml configuration files. But as we are not able to configure RAR and we are using WAR I am not sure which is configuration file will be act as glue file (like jboss.xml) in case of JBOSS.

      Please let me know if someone have any idea on such configuration. I can provide my sample configuration ejb-jar and jboss xml files.