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    Need explanation of to_number behavior

      Can somebody explain the why the following queries fail for to_number ?

      SELECT to_number('1,9,1134','9,99,9999') from dual; -> fails

      SELECT to_number('1,194,1134','09,99,9999') from dual; -> fails

      SELECT to_number('11,9,1134','99,99,9999') from dual; -> fails

      SELECT to_number('1,11,134','9,99,9999') from dual; -> fails

      The queries below work and it makes sense to me.

      SELECT to_number('1,134','9,99,9999') from dual; -> working

      SELECT to_number('1,,1134','9,99,9999') from dual; -> working

      If someone can point to me to some documentation where the behavior is explained that would be great too.