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    Re-ordering Activty Codes in P3

      I usually use P6 for general scheduling. But a client has asked us to export to P3. When I do, the ordering of activity codes is incorrect for them to import into their system.

      Is there a way to re-order the activity codes in P3, or in P6 prior to export so they show up in the correct order?
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          See : "What information will convert from Product Management to P3? [ID 892486.1]"

          Excerpt from the above:

          P3 only supports 10 characters for the activity codes, the converter will f irst truncate the first 10 characters from the Product Management activity codes being converted.
          It will then take the maximum amount of activity codes that can be converted equaling 64 characters total.
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            This doesn't have anything to do with re-ordering of activity codes.

            I created my codes with the proper amount of characters and lengths in P6, when converting to P3, the codes and their respective character lengths held, they just got jumbled up.
            IE: in P6 I have:
            Act Code Char Length
            WRKP 3
            RESP 4
            AREA 4
            MODF 6
            BIDI 6
            PHAS 2
            CATW 1
            FOW1 10
            FOW 2 10
            FOW3 10

            in P3 it becomes:
            Bidi 6
            Wrkp 3
            Resp 4
            Area 4
            Modf 6
            Phas 2
            Catw 1
            FOW1 10
            FOW2 10
            FOW3 10

            I need the P3 file to maintain the same order of Activity Codes I have in P6. WRKP must be first, followed by RESP, etc.
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              hmmm... not sure what is causing this. It could be ordering by the primary key on the P6 table.

              Assumming you have access to the P6 database try taking a look at the ACTVTYPE table and check if the P3 order matches the sequential order of ACTVTYPE.ACTV_CODE_TYPE_ID.

              Without knowing the detail of your data structure it's hard for me to write an exact SQL query to extract this data but you can try the below:

              SELECT actv_code_type_id, actv_code_type
              FROM actvtype
              WHERE actv_code_type IN ('WRKP','RESP','AREA','MODF','BIDI','PHAS','CATW','FOW1','FOW2','FOW3');
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                And you will lose the order of the data within each Activity Code too. P6 assignes a hidden number acording to the order that the Activity Codes are shown in the list (which you can change with the arrows), and does not export them to P3.