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    please correct URL in  JRockit dump message

      Hi there JRockit team,

      We are able to crash the 28.2.0/64-bit version of JRokckit consistently using an Oracle Access Manager 10.3.2 integration use case on OEL 5.7/OVM 2.x due to stack overflow error originating from weblogic/security/service/WLSIdentityAssertionServiceWrapper.assertIdentity(WLSIdentityAssertionServiceWrapper.java:59). We have a workaround and may file an SR later on if the workaround is too limiting.

      In the meantime I 'd like to point out that the dump file contains a invalid URL for troubleshooting as below. May be you are aware of this already. What is the new URL for this?

      ===== BEGIN DUMP =============================================================
      JRockit dump produced after 0 days, 05:41:43 on Wed Feb 15 16:50:23 2012

      * If you see this dump, please go to *
      * http://edocs.bea.com/jrockit/go2troubleshooting.html *
      * for troubleshooting information. *