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    OAM 11g with webgate11g & AccessGate for SSO with Oracle EBSR12.1.1

      we have implement SSO for Oracle E-business suite R12.1.1 by using Oracle Access Manager 11g, OID, OAM webgate 11g, AccessGate.
      We had refer Doc ID: 13090130.1

      Currently SSO is working only for default language "US". We want to implemet also for other language as our environment is bilingual

      We have already installed NLS path for "Spanish" language in E-Business Suite.

      But don't know, how to implement SSO for multiple languages.

      So during the login through SSO Login page(AccessGate - OAMLogin.jap), we can enter the specific language through which we want to logged in to Oracle E-business Suite.

      Is there any way for language selection options in AccessGate SSO Login page(OAMLogin.jsp) for the languages we have installed/enable in eBus.

      Anybody have implement SSO with OAM 11g for Oracle EBS R12.1.1 with multilingual..?

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