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    8.9 to 9.1 required for upgrade


      I am attempting to run a test HRMS 9.1 upgrade.
      What I have:
      - 9.1 demo database updated to the latest maintenance pack (along with tax updates to match the 8.9 state)
      - copy of 8.9 production (tools 8.49.03)
      - copy of 8.9 demo (tools 8.49.03)
      These databases are all on the same server, single PSEMAgent running, atm crawling whole drives.
      A second server is used for both the appserv, PIA and file server with Change Assistant, running tools 8.52.05. Here is also the running PSEM hub. Only Demo has all tiers running.

      Now to my questions:
      1. Whats the procedure for applying the "Required for upgrade" packages? My PSEMHub only picks up the DEMO database, not the other two. Do I need to create Tools 8.49 temporary appserver and PIA tiers to be able to use CA on the 8.9 demo copy? When does a database (or environment) get picked up by the hub?

      2. I am at a lost making much sense from the Required for ugrade packages, can I just use the latest bundle (#11 and whatever is more up to date besides that)? Or what is the order here?
      Are the files UpgradePlanning.exe, UPGCONVERT, RequiredForUpgrade.exe, and UPG_REQ_DATA.exe mentioned on metalink (1268901.1) contained within the latest bundle?

      3. Change Assistant has a step to copy the project UPGOPT with application designer, however my 8.9 PS_HOME\projects does not include such a project, where can I obtain it?

      I am getting quite confused here, so any input will be helpful and appreciated.
      Best Regards.
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          I just want to start off by saying that a PeopleSoft Upgrade is probably the most complex process in the PeopleSoft life-cycle, which requires a lot of knowledge and experience on different parts of PeopleSoft technology. Not meant directly to you, but to whom every reads this post and want to try an upgrade.

          If you have not yet done so please start off by reading Getting Started on Your PeopleSoft Upgrade (using Change Assistant) [ID 739129.1]
          This will give you a general idea on the upgrade process. After this please read the upgrade manual! If you have access to ilearning.oracle.com cources, there is a great course that explains the upgrade process, bit out dated, but still valid.

          You start off by applying the Required for Upgrade patches on your copy of production. This is still at your old PeopleTools release explained at chapter 2 of the upgrade script/documentation Preparing Your Database for Upgrade . After this the CA upgrades the PeopleTools release and after that the Application. So yes you do need to have the old PeopleTools release as the new PeopleTools release to complete the upgrade.
          Also see Peoplebooks http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25688_01/pt852pbr0/eng/psbooks/tswu/book.htm chapter Configuring Change Assistant for Upgrades where you have to create an environment and specify Old Release PS_HOME and New Release PS_HOME.

          Where to find the UPGOPT project?
          The UPGOPT project for the HR 8.9 to 9.1 Upgrade is located in the Required for Upgrade Fix 817759.
          The UPGOPT, UPGCONVERT, UPG_REQ_DATA or RequiredForUpgrade.exe are Required for Upgrade fixes for all Upgrades to 9.1 and higher.

          Hope this helps a bit.

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          Corrected link to ilearning training Getting Started on Your PeopleSoft Upgrade.

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            Thank you Hakan for your reply ... and on a friday :-)

            Just writing down these questions helped me organize my thoughts a bit and I realized quickly that I do need the complete old tools release and such. I'm hoping I should be prepared for the 8.9to9.1 upgrade as I'm familiar with all the associated parts and steps, but yes, this is my first look at the whole upgrade cycle. I have done a tools upgrade before as well as patches and maintenance packs, hopefully I will get through this as well. But as you can see, I am still unsure on crucial parts.

            What about the upgrade packages and relation to bundles? Is it the same as with Maintenace Packs (cumulative) in that each bundle has all the previous packages included? Of course if I try to apply the package it would warn about prerequisites, I'm looking for some insight to the structure of the releases. I'm asking because the package you kindly provided (817759) is the first available resource, so how do I decide on the rest.

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              The upgrade template is in fact like maintenance packs a script for the CA.
              Except the upgrade template is one very huge script without any prerequisite or post requisite scripts.
              All necessarily actions are defined in the the same upgrade template. The upgrade script will also connect and run processes and scripts on the source database and target database.
              To start preparing your current environment to be upgraded, you need to apply patch 817759, to create the UPGOPT project and others.

              This script can be downloaded via
              PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS 8.9 MP1 to 9.1 Feature Pack -- December 2010 Upgrade Home Page [ID 1268901.1]
              Here you can also download the detailed document which describes each step of the the upgrade from HCM 8.9 to HCM 9.1.
              If you read this document and the documents in the previous post, it should become more clear.

              You run the CA in several runs:
              Inital move
              Test move (several times until all goes fine!)
              Move to production
              Each of these runs are run with the same upgrade template, which automatically filters unnecessary steps in each run.

              So for the entire upgrade you need only one upgrade template.
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                Yes, I have both the upgrade document and master metalink note for a bit of light reading :-)

                Alright, but how does the tools release go with this one huge script? Metalink provides two templates, for target tools 8.51 and 8.52. What about the source? Is it all already incorporated in the upgrade template? Or do I need to upgrade tools version manually, before

                To sum up:
                0. setup environment, that is new demo, old demo clone and old prod clone, setup old tools release 2nd and 3rd tiers on these clones, change assistant probably doesn't care for tools versions, as long as I point to the correct hub
                1. apply Required for upgrade - base #817759 (in this case), also additional required requisites. I'm assuming I can take the latest bundle. So thats a minimum of 2 packages + any prerequisites CA might need in the process.
                2. Setup change assistant to see both old prod clone and old demo clone. These are referenced as source and target databases, or would source and target only apply when doing move to production in the end?
                3. Load upgrade template
                4. Iterate several times as initial, test, identifying any differences and so on. Each time running the same template.
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                  All steps that have to be taken for the entire upgrade process from beginning to end, are defined in the one upgrade template, both for the source as the target and also for the first steps Preparing your Environments in the previous PeopleTools release. Most of the steps execute automatically and sequentially, but there are also manual steps. During setting up CA you define which is your source and target environment. Based on this the CA knows which steps to execute on which environment. So you do not need to take any manual action at this time, follow all steps in the upgrade template, they will tell you what to do when.

                  Metalink provides two templates, for target tools 8.51 and 8.52, which one to use?
                  I thought you mentioned you where upgrading to PeopleTools 8.52, so you need to use this script.

                  Apply Required for upgrade
                  This is also a step in the huge upgrade template, so setup the CA and follow the step in in upgrade template.
                  No need to apply other patches at this time!

                  Would source and target only apply when doing move to production in the end?
                  The source and target database are needed in all the moves. After the initial move the target environments is upgrade to the new PeopleTools release and Application release and becomes the sources for the next move.

                  It is great that you start asking questions before walking this path and please keep doing this, but this process has so many steps and iterations that is impossible to describe it all here.
                  Before starting our actual upgrade, really pay attention to reading the documentation carefully (multiple times) and again if you have access to ilearning.oracle.com, follow the course I mentioned in the first post. This has really helped me in understanding this complex process.

                  And to not forget to have a lot of hard disk space available, during the upgrade process you need to make several backups of your environment.


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                    Oracle has created a great excel sheet with all document links needed for the upgrades pathes.


                    Definitely have a look at this document!

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                      That looks great, thanks for all your help.
                      I've just begun to apply all Required for Upgrade bundles.
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                        1: can I install peoplesoft 9.1 and tools on windows
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                          1: can I install peoplesoft 9.1 and tools on windows

                          I'm not sure why you are asking in this thread, but somehow I feel obliged to answer: Yes, you can install the whole PeopleSoft stack on Windows. If you have a specific issue you would like to address, you are better off creating your own thread and providing as much information as possible.
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                            Honza wrote:
                            ...you are better off creating your own thread and providing as much information as possible.
                            You are right, and if you don't mind, I'll lock that thread.