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    Embed link in a upk

      Is it possible to embed a link to a website in a frame? A user would like to be able to access documentation like manuals from a UPK.


      Thank you,
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          Yes, it is possible - this is how I did it (not sure if this is exactly what you want):
          1. Open the topic containing the frame(s) that you wish to add external links to
          2. Navigate to the frame within the topic that you want to add the URL to
          3. Click on View --> Panes --> Frame Link
          4. You should see the Frame Link pane open below your frames
          5. Select the first line, and click on the "Create Link" button on the top of the Frame Link pane (icon looks like a chain link)
          6. Select either "Document in Library" or "URL" (URL can be any URL that you manually specify - I linked my frame to Google for test purposes)
          7. Select OK
          8. Select an Icon that you wish to use for your link
          9. Your bubble text at the step where you included the link, should now show the icon that you selected for your link
          10. Save your topic and close
          11. View in Try It! mode
          12. You should see your icon and will be able to navigate to your specified URL (It should open a secondary page)

          Hope that helps!

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            thank you it worked