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    Accessing images outside the application

      I've been developing a web app as a part of my learning of JSP and now have stumbled onto a problem I haven't been able to Google out yet. Maybe I'm missing something, but here goes...
      The app I'm developing is in Croatian and I've had a first test run on my server today, here: http://mapper.domagojpolovic.com/noviMapper/
      All the graphics you can see are included in the WAR file. The problem is... I'm planning on adding more features in future releases, but all the images and previews are in the WAR file. Which means, when I'm updating the app, I need to replace the WAR on the server with an updated version (is that correct?). For just one alteration in one file I'll have to reupload everything (?). All the images and previews.
      Is there a way to just replace the file you've updated like you can do it with PHP?
      Thanks in advance! :)

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