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        914018 wrote:
        Hi Sir. I'm kind of a beginner with APEX and I tried implementing the work-around with the solution you provided but I'm getting stuck. Is there anyway you can help? I would really appreciate it, and I promise not to pester you with any more questions!
        You are totally wasting your time. There is no point in posting follow-ups to threads this old in the expectation that the original participants will respond—watches on threads that will generate email notifications of thread updates last for only a period of a few weeks.

        "ATD" is not listening. Look at his profile: not posted for a year.

        Posting follow-ups to ancient threads/departed users is NOT an effective way of getting help:

        <li>Other users may ignore the thread if it is closed.
        <li>Your assumption that the questions are related may be incorrect, leading to confusion about the nature of the problem and potential solutions.
        <li>Watches on the thread will have expired, so the original participants are totally unaware of the new post. They may no longer be active on the forum.
        <li>You have no ability to mark posts as helpful or correct.

        Post your question as a new thread, including at least the following information:

        <li>Full APEX version
        <li>Full DB/version/edition/host OS
        <li>Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)
        <li>Browser(s) and version(s) used
        <li>Region/item type(s)
        <li>Links to related posts and threads (using the methods in the FAQ)

        Please read the FAQ and forum sticky threads for more information on using this forum effectively.

        Update your forum with a real handle instead of "914018".
        Always post code wrapped in tags<tt>\
        </tt> tags
        to preserve formatting and special characters.
        I think the problem is that the SELECT LIST that I'm attempting to populate comes from a different table (MASTERTABLE) than the region source for the tabular form (HOTEL). If that is an issue, can you provide me with the solution?
        It's highly unlikely that this has anything to do with whatever problem you are experiencing: however you have provided no actual details of what this problem is.

        If you have posted in response to this thread because you anticpate generating "huge select boxes" then rethink the requirement. Select lists with more than 100-200 options are unusable, and in combination with tabular forms will result in huge, bloated page sizes.
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          Thanks for your help, and for the info regarding the forum. I appreciate it very much.
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