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    ADF Application - Logging in issue on Production Weblogic Server

      Hi All,

      We have built an WC Portal Application ( and hosted it on a Weblogic Server.

      We have a requirement of dynamically creating users in a Siebel instance using WebService calls and if successful, create users in the Weblogic Server realm. The users created have to be automatically logged into the application post a successful creation.

      The issue we are facing is unique to the production environment, as the code is working as intended on the development mode of the Weblogic server.

      Code snippet
          public void handleResponse(SOAPMessage soapMessage)  {
           // Check Response from Siebel Instance
           // Create User in Weblogic Server
           // Login User using the invokeEL method of the ADFUtil.java file
                      Object obj=ADFUtil.invokeEL("#{o_w_s_l_LoginBackingBean.doLogin}");
                      String msg=obj.toString();
                      System.out.println(msg);  // This is printing "goToLogin" instead of "login_success"
                      if(msg.equals("login_success")) {
                         // Successful Login to the application
      Any pointers to fix / debug this issue will be greatly helpful.

      Thanks and Regards,