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    Retrieving value from a Hidden Page Item using Java Script in Apex

      Using Apex :

      I have defined a Page Item: P_ANNOUNCE_2
      It is defined as Hidden, Source Used is Only when current value in session state is null and Source Type is SQL Query(return single value)

      I am wanting to use the value of this hidden Page Item in a Ticker being displayed in some other Region on the same page.
      Could someone give me pointer on how that could be achieved?
      I am using a Java Script for the ticker display and would like to incorporate what needs to be displayed in the ticker based on
      the value of this hidden Page Item.

      I have tried using this within the Java Script, but the value retrieved in “null”
      var announce_0=document.getElementById("P_ANNOUNCE_2");

      And if I use the following the ticket stops working.
      var announce_0=document.getElementById("P_ANNOUNCE_2").value;