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    DFF in absences self service screen

      Hi gurus,

      I have a requirement in SSHR absence entry screen.

      When the employee selects a particular absence type i have to display additional field which takes employee's consent that he read the conditions to book that particular type of leave.

      Could anyone suggest if this is possible using the Descriptive flex field or any other method. We are happy even if the field remains there for all absences as we will add some text to explain that is relevant only for one absence type. If you think it is possible could you please share your ideas?

      Thanks for your time!

      P.S. we are on 11.5.10

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          This is possible.

          You can create messageStylettext Item on OA page (Without DFF) with your "Employee consent Message"

          This message will be display on page once employee select a Absence Type. (This is require a little OA Customization)

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            Hi Avaneesh,

            Thanks for your response. The employee will have to accept the conditions by selecting Yes. so i will need a database field to capture that information. Have you tried displaying DFF in the absence entry screen ever?

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              The View Object of This absence page will have attribute1 of PER_ABSENCE_ATTENDENCES Table.

              You can make a new item(Check Box) using personlization and associated it with Attribute1 of VO of PER_ABSENCE_ATTENDENCES Table.

              { Dont forget to configure DFF additional absence details with one column (ATTRIBUTE1) }

              Once Employee select the check box , it respective value would stored in PER_ABSENCE_ATTENDENCES.ATTRIBUTE1 table.