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    Content based retrieval

      Hello Forum,
      I'm wondering if it is possible to search for similar images in the database. Google gives some links to Oracle interMedia User's Guide and Reference Release 9.0.1 where chapter 2 is labeled "Content-Based Retrieval Concepts". So now I'm looking for this feature in the documentation for Oracle Multimedia Release 11.2 but I'm wasn't able to find anything.
      Is the search for similar images not possible anymore in 11g?

      What I'm planning to do is the following:
      I want to store scanned images (advertisements) into the database and link them to the advertiser. If I get a new image, I want to search the database to see if it's already tagged so that I can get to the corresponding advertiser.
      Since scanned images are never completely equal, I have to find similar images and show the most similar one.

      Can someone gibe me a hint where I can find the documentation for the methods necessary for that?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi dhalek

          Content-based image retrieval is still available in 11g but you need to use the SI_StillImage object type rather than ORDImageSignature which is no longer supported.

          Details are hidden away in an appendix to the Multimedia documentation.

          Good luck

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            Hello Brian,
            I found the documentation but Oracle doesn't give any useful examples.
            I'm guessing that I have to use SI_FeatureList to get the wanted results. Are there some examples available? I'm interested in information on how to index feature lists in order to get the ten best matching images for a given image. I hope there is a way to avoid calculating the score for every image in the database.

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              Hello forum!
              I'm new in multimedia database and I've the same problem of dhalek. Any suggestion?
              Dhalek, have you solved your problem?

              Thanks to all!
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                Unfortunately there is no native index supported for Still Image functions. You could consider building your own domain index.