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    Create multiple very similar projects


      May project requires us to create a lot of very similar projects. The projects will usually only differ by the name of the main module; the options, libraries etc. will usually be the same.

      Is whether there is a recommended/official way yo do this that does not require us to set each project up by hand?

      I've looked for ways of setting up projects in ways that inherit settings from a master project. Nothing leaps out at me I am afraid to say.

      I also looked at configurations. They seem to me to be internal to individual projects. Is that right?

      My fall-back position is to create an empty project, set up up correctly, and then copy the Makefile and nbproject folder (editing as necessary). Is that approach frowned upon?

      Thanks for you time,

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          Hello Leigh,

          It is possible to create project templates as described here:

          The more detailed tutorial how to add some sample project is here:
          It's quite old, but everything should work. The sample projects could
          also be used as templates.

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            Thanks for that.

            This is a straight install of Solaris Studio intended for Pro*C development.

            I don't see the Category called 'Module Development' in the 'New File' dialog. Neither do I see 'Project Template' as a file type in any of the categories that I do have.

            Is there a Plugin that I should be installing?