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    Exception:Unrecognized sql type:nvarchar(max) while querying from database

      Hi ,
      I am developing API application from oracle web center interaction , i am using sqlserver 2008 as database .
      since i have to read data from table using query . I try to read data from table COLLABDB.DBO.CSFORUMMESSAGE which contains column name of data type
      nvarchar(MAX) . While I query using
      dbCursor = internalSession.CreateCursor(_sql);
      dbResults = dbCursor.Open(intMaxRow);
      it throws error as : - Exception: Unrecognized sql type: nvarchar(max), column name: BODY3 SQ :SELECT OBJECTID, NAME, DESCRIPTION, OWNERID, CREATED, MODIFIED, PARENTID, BODY1, BODY2, BODY3, APPROVED FROM COLLABDB.DBO.CSFORUMMESSAGE WHERE FORUMID = 53 .

      Note that for other tables the query executes successfully .
      Even if i manually change the data type from nvarchar(MAX) to nvarchar(1500) the query executes sucessfully.

      Binaya Acharya

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