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    How is the party_name populated in the Customer page in R12.1.3?

      We are upgrading from to 12.1.3 (we used to use Sales Online and Incentive Compensation but after upgrade we use Sales and Incentive Compensation). We have a customization on the table hz_parties in the form of a insert-trigger that concatenates the orig_system_reference with the party_name and then the result is being saved in party_name. This is an old customization and a lot of access to that column is being made from other customizations. When searching for the customer then I can see the orig_system_reference part in front of the party_name in the search-result so it seems as the data is correct in the DQM.

      Now to the scary part... In 12.1.3 I have noticed that the orig_system_reference part of the party_name disappears, not always but almost, when fetched into the customer page accessed from either Sales User Dashboard or Receivables. And when saving some other change to the customer the party_name also changes and the orig_system_reference part is gone forever :-(.

      Can anyone help me in figuring out how the party_name is being fetched into the customer page? It's not just from hz_parties.party_name, there must be some other logic behind that fetch.

      Thanks in advance!

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