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    Upload a table data(using a transient VO) from excel using ADF DI


      I have a scenario where I need to get data from excel into a custom method in model layer.

      Transient VO(associated to AM, shown in datacontrols) included in the jspx as a table
      I used the same table/tree binding to use it as a table in the excel sheet. I have a custom method in AM(that is exposed) that is invoked on click of a button.
      Problem is that the data is not coming up to that method.
      Here is the code I used in the custom method
      RowSet rowSetVO = (RowSet)findViewObject("ReadOnlyVO");
      Row[] allRowsInRange = rowSetVO.getAllRowsInRange();
      for(int i=0; i<allRowsInRange.length;i++) {
      ReadOnlyVO1RowImpl indRow = (ReadOnlyVO1RowImpl)allRowsInRange;
      System.out.println("Name :: "+indRow.getName());

      The same code is running fine and the data getting uploaded/shown in the method when the corresponding jspx is used. But when excel is used, nothing is coming up.

      Thanks in advance