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    Imported modules missing titles

      Hello, all,
      Hopefully, someone has experienced this issue before and can shed some light on the subject, and, hopefully, a viable solution...
      This is a different title issue than I've previously posted (these modules all had correct titles, and no mysterious rewrite of the resources path)...

      We have an application, Main, that acts as a "host" for indiviual nested modules/apps (JAR files)... For instance, Main has the MainModel and MainViewController, and the running app displays Acquisitions, Disposals, and RAP Application modules as tabs. We've placed the paths to the individual ApplicationResources_en.properties, separated by commas, in the "Imported Resource Bundles" property under "Internationalization" in the JHS App Def Editor.

      We had titles showing up, and then one day they stopped, for all but one (RAP Application)... We've been trying to diagnose the issue (hopefully, we just changed a setting on accident), but everything appears to be set up correctly, and we still need to keep merging/importing modules as they are completed in order to meet the deadline...
      We added Management, and RAP still had the only titles... Once we added Work Assignment, though, only the Work Assignment tab would show titles. Then we added Hotline, but Work Assignment still had the only titles... Maybe it's just coincidence, but it seems the last tab name in the alphabet gets titles...

      We're experimenting with a workaround (will post it, if it resolves the issue), but we'd really prefer to get the process to work as described in the documentation...

      Once again, thank you for any replies/advice/assistance...

      Happy Thoughts,

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          The comma-delimited list of resource bundles is generated as the bundleNames managed property into the jhsMessageFactory bean, defined in JhsCommon-beans.xml.
          Make sure that the ADF librauies you create for the "sub" applications do not include JhsCommon-beans.xml.
          Otherwise, you will end up with multiple definitions of the same jhsMessageFactory bean, and ADF will randomly pick one.

          Steven Davelaar,
          JHeadstart Team.
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            Thanks, Steven!
            One of our other developers found that little nugget of knowledge in his research of the issue... Once we deployed them all without the JhsCommon-beans.xml, all was well... :-)

            We also had some server log warnings popping up about duplicate pageDef identifiers for all of the UIShell and PopupShell pageDefs that JHS generates. We fixed that issue by givng them all unique names in each module's DatBindings.cpx before deploying the module(s) as JAR files and importing the libraries...

            I was coming back here to post the solution, but you beat me to it... Many thanks for the reply, though!

            Happy Thoughts,

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