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    problem with migration to AL32UTF8

      I have a problem with character set migration to AL32UTF8 in Oracle database. My database version is and I’m using Database Migration Utility to Unicode. The most problematic thing is that I have two different chararacter sets in database. NLS_CHARSET is EE8ISO8859P2 and system data is in this charset, the second one is EE8MSWIN1250 and all application data is in that one because it was imported without conversion to ISO. I set in DMU that current charset is ISO, assumed is MSWIN and target is AL32UTF8. I managed to resolve all conflicts except for one – data in table SYS.SOURCE$ need conversion. I don’t know what to do with this one. Could someone help me with that? Is there another way to migrate database to UTF? Oracle support told me that using DMU tool is the only supported method.