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    Hello everyone

      Hello everyone how are you?

      I am searching for Siebel Contracts datasheet but I am unable to find it. Can anyone help me with telling me whether Siebel Contracts is available or is it now a sub part of another component?

      Please help me.

      Thank you ever so much,

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          Check if this is what you are looking for:



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            Hi Wilson,

            Thank you so so much for your reply. Apparently my manager says there is a separate module for Siebel Contracts that is not a part of any other module like Siebel Field Service. He thinks there is a Siebel Contracts module that is like Siebel Sales, Siebel Field Service, etc...

            I don't think that's the case, but then again I don't have that much experience in Siebel modules. So can you help me in answering my dilemma? Is there a Siebel Contracts module that is not a part of any other module?
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              All those "Modules" are listed as Applications in Tools.
              I checked in 8.1 SIA and can't find anything with Contracts.

              So why does your manager think it's there and what functionality is he looking for?
              And why should it be a seperate module?

              P.S. It would help if you would give a more meaningful subject next time.

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                you are right and I'm sorry. It is because the customer is asking for it and because he is asking for it to my manager it means that there is a siebel contracts. I know there isn't that's why I'm asking-just to be sure

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