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    Table Pagination


      I was trying to implement pagination on the employees tale from the HR schema. For that i have made the following changes.

      1. Changed the emploees table value from #{bindings.EmployeesView1.colectionModel} to #{bindings.EmployeesView1.rangeSet}
      2. In the page-defs file changed the iterator rangesize to 5 so that i get only 5 rows on a table.
      3. Added first,nextSet,previousSet,Last buttons below the table from the dataControls(operations).
      4. In the EmployeesView.xml i had set the Access Mode to range paging but then the last button didnt work. So i have set this to scrolling.

      I have achieved pagination but when i select any row of the table i get the following exception "cannot cast from java.lang.Integer to java.lang.list". please help me out here.

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          Suresh Karunarathne
          pagination in adf 11g
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            Can you provide some more details -
            1. Is there any selection Listener attached to table?
            2. Some more trace.
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              Hey ,

              I was able to implement the pagination on table. I had a selection listener in a backing bean. That worked for me.

              Now I am trying to implemet pagination on a webservice method returning me a set of values. I have dragged and dropped the returrn data control as a table. But i dont find any option to add the following buttons - " previous Set, NextSet". Also if i change the rangeSize of reutrnIterator in pagedef file its not reflecting in the page. Please help me.