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    Oracle OCCI env->createConnection fails with ORA-24550

      I'm trying to connect with Oracle (express) using OCCI. My program is working on linux and OSX but when I try to use it on Windows it fails. I don't get a seg fault, it doesn't throw an exception (at least try {} catch(...) {} doesn't catch anything), the program just stops and goes away.

      Here is what I'm trying to do.

      try {
      oracle::occi::Environment* env =
      env->createConnection("test", "test", "//");
      } catch (oracle::occi::SQLException &ex) {
      printf("sql exception\n");
      } catch (...) {
      printf("unknown exception\n");
      I've also tried oracle::occi::Environment::DEFAULT and it gives me:

      ORA-24550: signal received: Unhandled exception: Code=c0000005 Flags=0
      I'm able to connect using SQL*Lite with the following connection string:


      The full code is here: https://github.com/nearinfinity/node-oracle