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    Oracle Database 11g Linux Dependencies

      I'm going to install Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g2 today on a server I have in my office. The idea is to understand and become familiar with Oracle 11g and the RDBMS in general. As I review the documentation for installation on Linux, there's a section labeled "^bold^2 Oracle Database Preinstallation Requirements^bold^", I'm confused about if I do or DO NOT need a GUI to install Oracle 11g2. I'm performing a "minimal" Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 (64-bit) installation so there's no desktop environment like Gnome or KDE on this server. I don't want to have to maintain useless packages and libraries for a GUI that will never be seen / used.

      Can someone tell me short and sweet if it's possible / acceptable / normal to install Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g2 on a Linux server that only can perform at run level '3' which is command line only and not install any GUI / X Windows packages?