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    Parse errors wsloadcf WSCFG_CAT:97 - what are the values of the -D option

      I am getting an error trying to build my saltdeploy file using this utility.

      WSCMD_CAT:60: ERROR: wsloadcf: errors found during syntax checking

      In the description of the -D option for wsloadcf it says "Used to specify the configuration parsing log level." I have tried debug, info, error, etc. in both lower and upper case, various numbers from 0 - 9 and I do not see any detail that will help me diagnose my problem. Will this option help me debug my parsing issues and what are the possible values? I cannot see any problems with my xml as I took the files from the simpleapp example and just changed a few of the names, but obviously I am missing something.

      Thanks for any help.