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    OC4J instance for OHW and Forms

      I have developed a application by using Oracle Forms9i and Oracle AS. Now I am creating a help system for this application and I am using OHW(I installed OHW bundle Demo 2.0.8). The problem is: when I run my application, I have to start OC4J for it, but it is not the same as for OHW, I cannot start OC4J for OHW at the same time, and vice versa.

      Is there any way to solve it? I think it should be. Please help. Thanks.
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          The OHW demo bundle was designed to quickly get you up and running to test your helpset and sample various OHW features. In addition, it is a fine solution if you want a standalone server somewhere hosting OHW.

          If you have an application deployed to OC4J, then you will have to deploy OHW to that same app server. Thus, you would have a single OC4J running your application and OHW.