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    Configurator slow in Quote


      In Oracle Configurator R12, out of 40 models couple of models are taking more than 10 minutes to process the quote.

      Have anyone faced same problem. If so, let me know the cause and solution for the same.

      Thanks in Advance,

      Pavithara R
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          Kaushal Bhati
          may be because of the many configurator extension been used on the global event.
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            We have a performance issue in Oracle Configurator with only couple of models.

            Invoking the configurator in quote is working fine but takes more than 5 minutes while submitting the selected configuration to quote. But the same problem doesn’t arise while invoking and submitting the configuration in Order Management.

            Any suggestions on this issue would be of great help.

            Pavithara R
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              Does it depend on the number of lines on the quote/order. For example, if you add the same model to line 1 of an order and then to line 1 of a quote, how does the timing differ.

              How many items are returned from the configuration? It might be a difference in how the pricing is called for the configurations between the two hosting apps.

              Having you tried doing a database trace? You might get a feel for the large differences -- assuming that the wait is a result of SQL statements.

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                murali koganti231503
                I seen the issue and the reasons could be any one of the below

                on Click on FInish

                - It has to insert data into CZ tables.This generally should NOT cause the delay unless you have too many lines.
                - Copy data from CZ into ASO tables(this may not be the case for you)
                - In the process of inserting lines into ASO table pricing of each line could cause the performance issue(This could be the possible reason in your case)

                To check if it is pricing issue you can try below methods

                - Turn the "ASO : Calculate Price" to MANUAL and then check the same. The differene between this and the 10 minutes will confirm if it is pricing issue.
                - Go to actions dropdown and click "Price Quote" and see how much time it takes

                If it is pricing then fine or else do the below test

                - Launch the model as standalone(through cz or UiServlet call) and check the time it takes after clicking Finish.

                Also check below details and getting these numbers will give us some idea

                1) How many lines are inserted into cz_Config_items/inputs/attributes for this configuration

                Murali Koganti
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                  Pavithara --

                  Performance problems when control is being passed from Configurator back to the hosting application are almost always the result of the hosting application calling Pricing on each subline of the configuration. I would recommend you review the Configurator Special Interest Group's Best Practice session presentation from April 8th, 2009, which is available on My Oracle Support, Article #433229.1. That session introduced a Pricing enhancement whereby Items in your BOM can be flagged as being irrelevant from a pricing perspective. The presentation includes the patch number to install to enable the functionality.

                  Hope this helps.

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                    Thanks all for all your replies :)