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    ZFS and NFS

      I'm trying to share a zfs file system via nfs to several hosts. I've looked at the official Oracle documentation and it seems to be lacking (or I'm looking in the wrong place).

      I can do a zfs set sharenfs=rw data/set and use the mount command on the nfs clients and that works fine, but the volume is mounted read-only. How do I mount it read-write?

      Also, I thought the 'zfs' command had a mount option for zfs/nfs volumes, is that no longer the case (perhaps it never has been?)?

      Some google results have turned up mention of /etc/zfs/exports being updated whenever a sharenfs option is changed, but that file isn't being created for me. Has it been deprecated?

      Any help appreciated, thanks!
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          Please show result:

          dfshares ( from NFS server)
          mount -p ( from NGS client)

          Why you thing that client mount shares RO ?

          Check permissions for working dir. Create test dir on the server and set 777 permissions on test.

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            You are correct, the file system is mounted rw afterall. The ownership of the mount point on the client is nobody, so I su'd to nobody and tried to create files but couldn't. I can as root though.

            I've changed the ownership of the NFS file system on the server to oracle:dba. I have an oracle:dba on the client with the same uid/gid, but the ownership of the files still says nobody. How do I make it show up as oracle?

            Also, is the mount command the correct way to mount zfs nfs volumes?

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              It's look like security issue.

              1. Check that system can resolve both. System should be in same domain.

              2. In case can't resolve this issue. On client side set NFS_version=2

              mount -o vers=2 ..........

              But it's - only as workaround for short time.

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                I've confirmed that the systems can resolve each other. They're also both under the same domain.

                I also manually set the domain in /etc/default/nfs but that didn't help either.

                It works fine if I flip over to v2 but I'd rather use v4 as its the default.

                Any other ideas?

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                  After edit /etc/default/nfs you reboot you system or restart NFS_Server ((svc:/network/nfs/server) ?

                  You edit this value on server/client side or on both ?

                  On server and client at /etc/resolve.conf use domainname or search record ?
                  Or you use /etc/dedaultdomain ?