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    Search and catalog, sort by price

      [http://www.lakeside.com|http://www.lakeside.com] Hi every one.

      I looking the commerce reference store and I tried to sort by price high to low and low to high. The first thing was to try to search the catalog the parameter sort, but I can only sort by attributes that are defined in the product. In both the search module, I tried ordering and entering parameters docSort docSortOrder without achieving results.

      In http://www.lakeside.com (site ATG) found the same sort criterior I need, what I have seen there is a page that sends select parameters:


      And my problem is that apparently the childSKUs.listPrice not recognized because it does not order.

      Is there any manual on this subject?
      Would I could tell if I'm on track or not?
      Can you help me with the steps?


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