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    ORA - 00942 URGENT HELP!!!!!!!

      Hi All,

      I am supporting an application and it has 3 Database of same versions:-
      Production enviorment - Primary DB.
      Developement enviorment - DB for testing purpose.
      Test enviorment - DB for testing purpose.

      Today I refreshed Developement and Test DB with the data in Production DB.so it has the latest update from the prod Enviorment.

      There were some 30 jobs that were run on january. These jobs calls some packages from Production DB enviorment. But due to some reason they are not getting executed properly and throwing the below error

      error code - ORA - 00942. - ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
      error message - Failed DBMS_SQL. insert into menu_b_user values ('MKT_SUPPORT','RUDRAV1').

      But i checked in the Production DB and the table very much exists and iinfact even the data is getting inserted successfully. Yet they showing this error.

      I ran the same job in Developement DB and Test DB and it got executed succesfully. Please note i had refreshed both these DB with the data in my production DB today.

      Please guide where can the problem lie ? the table is very much there with data getting inserted and the jobs are running fine in other 2 DB which is a replica of the Production DB, even the version of all these 3 DB are same.

      Your help would be very much apprectiated.
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