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    SMON cleanup process taking longer time (cleaning temporary extents)

      Os info:     Solaris 5.8
      Oracle info:

      We are in the process of testing our upgrade from to As a part of this, we have cloned our production database and started cleaning up of unused objects on the new instance.

      Dropped an Audit Table (27g table size & 11g index size) from SYSTEM tablespace as a part of 11g upgrade tasks. As you know SYSTEM tablespace is under Dictionary managed tablespace and drop table ran for about 2 weeks.
      We are unable to bring this database gracefully, as SMON is still cleaning the temporary extents. This cleanup seems to be very slow and will take about 40+ days.

      Created SR regarding this issue, to speed up the SMON clean up process.. but no luck.

      At this moment we are looking for a solution to

      1#Is there a way to speed up the SMON cleanup process (temporary extents)?
      2# Is there a way to bypass the cleanup of this temporary segment and bring the database gracefully?

      No Luck from Oracle Support...

      Googled it but no luck.

      Just want to check with the folks over here and see if there is any solution for this issue.

      Thanks in advance for your time and efforts on this forum. Appreciate your assistance!

      Raghu Yella.
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