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    Solaris 10 11g Webgate files

      We have a client that is using Solaris 10 with Apache 2.2.13 and WLS 10.3.2...

      We have installed OAM but are having a hard time finding 11g zipfiles for the Webgates. I found a docurment that talks about Solaris10 and using webgates... but I cannot find a document or matrix that gives the location/filename of the 11g webgates for Solaris 10...

      Any ideas? Can someone point me in the right direction?

      Thanks in advance....
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          I found this on onlineappsdba, but not sure it still applies...

          Currently (as of 3rd Jan 2011) 11g WebGate is available for Oracle HTTP Server 11g only. If you wish to configure WebGate for OHS 10g,
          IIS (Microsoft), IHS (IBM HTTP Server) or Apache HTTP Server then user 10g WebGate for OAM 11g.

          Has anyone heard otherwise?

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            Hi YoungMan,

            Yes, that is still the case - OAM 11g WebGates are for OHS only (and for Solaris only on the sparc chipset), so for other web servers a 10g WebGate is needed. The current certification matrix can be found here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/id-mgmt/identity-accessmgmt-11gr1certmatrix-161244.xls

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              Rats... I was afraid of that... 10g webgates are cookie domain driven whereas 11g are not... I guess we will have to hope our client doesn't want us to do cross-domain policies. I have looked into that and it does not appear to be clean or simple....