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    How to personalize the Candidate - My Account page on iRecruitment

      Hi Folks,

      Is there any possibility that we can create a stack layout, table layout, default single column and advanced table type items through OAF Personalizations. I tried creating a stack layout item type but it is giving me an error.

      My exact requirement is that I need to create additional regions to record additional information on iRecruitment "Candidate - My Account" self service page. There are four (4) tabs given on "Candidate - My Account" page: - Personal Information, Qualification & Skills, Preferences, Login Information. I need to cater to following client requirement:

      1- Record candidate/applicants references by creating a new tab - Professional References - and related regions.

      2- Record some other candidate related information by creating a new separate region (Default Single Column) on Personal Information tab, fro example - Field 1: Are you suffering from any serious disease? - Field 2:If so please provide details: - ..etc

      3- Record the candidate's professional membership and training details on the candidate's Qualification & Skills tab by creating new separate regions and tables (just like "Education Qualifications" and "Additional Qualifications" regions and also using the same controllers and View

      Please note that I do not wish to be provided with more fields on My Account page, I can record the extra and personalized information using the existing fields already defined and available in provided view objects. I just need to personalize the page layout in a presentable manner and still allow to record more fields, just the way oracle has done like separate regions for basic details, addresses ... etc on personal information tab and skills, prev employment, education qualification on Qualification & Skills tab.

      Looking forward to your responses and opinions on it,

      Thanks & Regards,
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          Your approach is right.

          You should try to used to extra fields available on Each Tab page for related information's.

          Using personlization you can create a stacklayout inside a region and then create other sub layout as per requirements.

          Are you getting this error on page or every page once you are creating stack layout using personlization. What error you are getting.

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            Vinayaka Prabhu
            Hi Bilal,

            You are on the right track here and can add additional regions to the page as necessary.

            A useful technique I have found useful is to show the same DFF in different regions with the correct segments exposed in each of them. It helps group similar things together with correct headings.

            Let us know if you need any further assistance on it.

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              Hi Avenash,

              I have successfully created a new tab on iRecruitment - Candidate/Applicant - My Account page using a Stack Layout Item Style and have also created a Flex item in it, its working fine, thanks for your kind help.

              Now I have two further requirements for the same:
              iRecruitment External Visitor / Candidate -> My Account

              On this My Account page, we are provided with four seeded tabs - Personal Information, Qualification and Skills, Preferences &
              Login Information. On the Personal Information tab, we are provided with different regions like Resume, Basic Details ... etc. I need to create a similar region to record additional applicant/candidate information. I have successfully created a stack layout but its been created in one of the regions already provided, whereas I need it to be exactly shown like the other regions with the header format and other look alike features.
              How can I achieve this ???

              Similarly on the Qualification & Skills tab, we have been provided with two regions for qualifications - Education Qualifications & Additional Qualifications, I need to add a third one exactly like the Education Qualifications to capture applicant/candidate training/technical education details. How can I achieve this, as I do not know which item style/s should I use to create a whole table, similar to one shown in Education Qualifications region.

              Looking forward to your response,

              Thanks & Regards,
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                Vinayaka Prabhu
                Hi Bilal,

                Not all styles can be added from personalization of pages. For example, the default single column layout. The simple test to check if you can do the same style as the existing one is to note down the type of item seeded page has and see if it's available through personalization. Also, it's advisable to add items at site level as some items are available only at this level.