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    Where to locate a core dump file

      I'm getting the following error message when I run a workflow. Where can I find the core dump file ?
      Workflow failed due to unexpected failure in the following nodes, please review if there were any core dumps generated: OUTPUT_2_7.
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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          Hi Brendan,
          There are a couple of known issues with persisting the data coming from an Apply node.
          It varies depending on what db you are running.
          Is that what the create table node is persisting?
          What db version are you using?
          What are the output columns that you are persisting?
          If is it the failure that I think it is, you will need to upgrade your db to resolve the issue, or remove some of the apply output columns that are triggering the failure.

          I can give some pointers on how to access your alert log and the trace files.
          If you search the alert log for the logs written at the time of the failure, you will see a trace file name generated and perhaps a incident directory to store it in.
          You can then edit the trace file and it will often show you what sql generated the failure.
          In your case, it should be the create table sql.

          To find the location of the dump/trace files and alert log, execute the following as sys in either sql plus or sql worksheet:

          select * from v$diag_info

          Thanks, Mark
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            Thanks Mark

            I'll have a look at your suggestions.

            A workaround is that instead of creating a table for the APPLY process output, I create a view and the process works.

            I'm generating columns for all the 4 classification algorithms. DB is
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              Mark Kelly-Oracle
              Ok. That would hit the bug.
              The following apply output columns do not persist in
              1) Function: Prediction Bounds Lower
              Param: Confidence (%): 95.0, Target: <Most Likely>
              2) Function: Prediction Bounds Upper
              Param: Confidence (%): 95.0, Target: <Most Likely>
              3) Function: Prediction Probability
              Param: Target: <Most Likely>

              The fix is obtained by upgrading your db to or above.
              Thanks, Mark
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                Hi Mark,


                Which table contains this information in the Oracle data miner.

                Appreciate your help.