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    OSB: Publish Subscribe

      Is there a way to implement Publish Subscriber model using OSB?
      Thank you
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          Use split join functionality from OSB.

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            Pierluigi Vernetto
            mmmmm my understanding is that split join is about parallel processing of a payload inside a message flow

            publish-subscribe to me sounds more like how to use JMS Topics.... yes of course you can have a Proxy Service consuming messages from a Topic (or Distributed Topic), there is even an option to make it Durable Subscriber (=a subscriber which is registered even when it goes offline)
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              Split Join can be used as per our requirement, basically Split Join is meant for message enrichment. The request message will be sent to various end system and collect the response from each service call and use it with main response.
              But i did one POC where i have used this in order to send same requests to mulitple services which are fire and forget pattern.

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                Eric Elzinga
                i agree with your "mmmmm". when using the terms publsih subscribe i would indeed assume your talking about jms topics.

                you can create a proxy service to listen on the topic/queue . the proxy service will enqueue the message and in the flow you can do whatever you want with it.
                maybe that helps a bit too (nice self promotion..sorry)