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    Replication is hosed

      Good Morning,

      We have a situation here. The two of us dba's just came on the job and got involved with this replication. The two databases one is in Va and the other is in Germany. They were doing fine with few problems which gave us a chance to read up on this stuff. Well, the day before the people out there moved the database to a vm and now they are screaming because they are not receiving any data. It was done without us over here quiesing the database. Most of the tables are not replicating at this moment because these people didn't inform us of what they were going to do, now the replication is hosed. We are using updateable materialized views.

      From what I have been reading or gather I was hoping that if we recreate the support for the groups on our database, assuming the links are good that this may resolve most of our problems. We are right now out of ideas the both of us.

      Any direction in this matter would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.