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    Using official Oracle JavaScript files in reports

      Hi all,

      we have a client that want's to be able to change change data from reports. For example if the activity is scheduled for today but he want's to be able to reschedule for different date. Well
      I was giving this some thought and I believe it is possible to do this, however I need to access oracle javascript files particularly this one:
      <script src="../019.035.005/scripts/od_home.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

      the problem is that when I write it inside build and view analysis in create layout step into prefix, it's not able to lookup this file.

      Can somebody shed some light on this?
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          I am not sure if we can modify the js file of Oralce. However another solution could be that you provide a link for the user to drill down to the record(Activity in this case) and then change the data there. Once the data is changed the user should click Refresh on the report to view the changes.


          Paul Swarnapandian