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    Oracle Data Loader - Best Practices

      Hello Team,

      I have lots of data to be imported in CRMOD and am planning to use Oracle Data Loader.

      However, would appreciate if any one of you could share ODL best practices or approach to import the data.

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          There is no specific Best Practices; however following should be taken care

          *1. Required Field Mappings*
          Every record type has a list of fields that is required. If you omit a required field, Oracle Data Loader On Demand returns an error

          2. Supported File FormatsData file.

          The data file must use UTF-8 encoding and be a comma or semicolon-delimited text file.
          The map file must use UTF-8 encoding and be a comma-delimited text file, with the
          following header:
          "Oracle CRM On Demand Field","Import File Field"

          The following mistakes can make a data file unreadable:

          Blank column header. The first line of the data file must list the field names to process.

          Mismatch between data file header and the map file. For each field listed in the data file header, there must be an entry in the map file.

          Missing field in a record. The first line of the data file must list the field names (the file must have a header), which are also referenced by the map file. Make sure that every record in the data file has the same number of fields.

          Empty data file. Make sure there is data in the data file.

          Invalid delimiter value. The only supported delimiters are the comma (,) and the semicolon (;). Make sure the properties file specifies which delimiter you use.

          Each record must have an owner. Each record must have an owner as specified by the User Sign In ID in Oracle CRM On Demand. If the record has no owner specified in the data file, then the record is assigned to the user who submits the request.

          Associated records must exist. Make sure any associated records specified in the data file exist in Oracle CRM On Demand prior to importing.

          Supported Date and Time Formats
          Option Geographic Location Date and Time Format
          can Canada DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss PM
          eur Europe DD.MM.YYYY 24:mm:ss
          other All other geographic locations not specifically covered by other options.
          uk United Kingdom YYYY-MM-DD 24:mm:ss
          usa United State of America. DD/MM/YYYY 24:mm:ss

          This is the default option.
          MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss PM

          Picklist values must be an exact match. Make sure picklist values are an exact match. Values are case sensitive. Blank characters are not allowed at the end of the file.

          Cascading picklist values must be correct. Make sure cascading picklist values are correct.

          Oracle CRM On Demand field must be mapped only once. Make sure you have not mapped
          an Oracle CRM On Demand field more than once