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    rtsp communication program


      I am doing a project in java for frame loss packet loss detection in video streaming. For that first I started my work in RTSP communication for accessing IP camera. I sarted program in RTSP client, RTP packets , Video streaming and rtsp server. I dont know the code hor calling IP camera in client program. I request the legends to help me in my project.
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          And what kind of help are you expecting to get? The only problem I see is that you are lacking some knowledge - that is something you'll have to fix yourself through research, study, reading and learning. Lucky you, you have the two basic ingredients to success already;

          - the internet
          - you know what you need to look for

          So what is stopping you?
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            hi I had worked the RTSP program for playing the video by giving its video file name. but i dont know how to implement the same rtsp program for live video (ie: live monitoring) with the help of IP camera. Please help me.