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    How to resolve the Programmatic PPR with the another trigger?

      Hi everyone, please help to resolve this situation, that when using programmatic PPR, the second trigger target can't refresh.
      For example, I have three Component, two OutputText component given ID ot1, ot2, one inputtext component given ID it1. When it1 input something, using programmatic partial part refresh ot1, and ot2 listen to the ot1.
      The ot1 have set the attribute clientComponent=true. The ot1 could refresh, but ot2.
      See the Code

      Page Code :

      <af:panelGroupLayout layout="scroll" id="pgl2">
      <af:outputText id="ot1" value="#{backingBeanScope.employeesBean.value}" clientComponent="true"/>
      <af:outputText value="#{backingBeanScope.employeesBean.value}" id="ot2" partialTriggers="ot1" clientComponent="true"/>
      <af:inputText label="Label 1" id="it1" autoSubmit="true"

      Bean Code :
      public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent)
      this.value = "New Value";
      UIComponent ot1 = findComponentInRoot("ot1");

      Is there have any solution? Or its the ADF's issue?