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    Java Source Attachment not working in workshop

      I have found the SPRING.JAR file in a library under the Libraries (folder) in a web project called Enterprise Application Libraries [XXXEar].

      When I right click this jar file and select Properties I select the Java Source Attachment and click the External File button and find the file as follows when selected in the file manager: C:/spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01/dist/spring-sources.jar
      I then click the APPLY button and then click OK. When I select Properties again, the Java Source Attachment I just applied is no longer in the textfield; it just disappears.

      Can someone please tell me why this is disappearing? Is there some setting in Workshop that prevents me from applying a source attachment to a JAR?

      Driving me crazy... No one on my new team seems to know what the issue is as they have not encountered this same problem.

      A response would be appreciated ASAP. Thank you.

      I did forgot to mention that we're working with Workshop Version: 10.3 Build id: 1137967. I was not sure if that was needed or not.

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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle
          To attach source to a library folder:

          Select the project, and from its pop-up menu, select Properties.

          In the Properties dialog, select the Java Build Path page.

          On the Libraries tab, select the library folder to which you want to attach source.

          Expand the node by clicking on the plus and select the node Source Attachment. Click the Edit button to bring up the source attachment dialog.

          Fill in the Location path field depending on the location, choose between the workspace, an external file or external folder.

          Click OK.

          Other way which you are using should also work not sure why it is not working for that you can open a SR with Oracle might it seems to be a BUG.

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            Thanks so much for the reply. Unfortunately, that process produced the same results. I can select the source attachment from that screen and hit the OK button but when I come back in the path has disappeared. Too weird for me. I guess I'll have to open a bug report for that.

            Thanks again for taking time to reply.