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    Activation issue for ViewLink child destination view obj is not activated

      We have a ViewLink in the Application Module.

      i) AddressType - Parent ViewObject
      ii)Address Detail - Child ViewObject
      iii) There are other View Objects as well in the Application Module

      When user selects the Address type the detail Address needs to be displayed.

      The Parent View Object (Source View Object) is part of the AM data model. During activation other view objects are getting activated without any issues. However the Child View Object or Destination View Object which is a part of the ParentViewObject is causing the following issues during Activation:

      While submitting UI page, there is server side validation (in the App Module Impl class) and during validation (at RuntTime), the Application Module Impl class is trying to get a currentRow
      (getCurrentRow()) from Child (Destination) View Object however it is throwing a NullPointerException

      The code which trhows Exception is ---> Row currentRow = addrDetailViewObj.getCurrentRow(); //Please note addrDetailViewObj is NOT Null howeve the currentRow is coming as NULL

           at oracle.jbo.server.ViewRowSetIteratorImpl.activateIteratorState(ViewRowSetIteratorImpl.java:3910)

      In order to reproduce the above scenario I have kept the AM pooling OFF. With AM pooling ON i am unable to reproduce any of the above issues.

      Please let me know if any extra property settings or coding required in order to activate the Child (Destination) view object.

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