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    favicon.ico 404 error under GlassFish


      We used to have an image called favicon.ico under the folder /ohs/images with Oracle HTTP Server. This displayed an icon of the website in the URL bar of Internet Explorer. After the migration to GlassFish with the APEX listener, I copied all images (including favicon.ico) to the /docroot/i folder. The APEX images display fine, but the favicon.ico gives a HTTP 404 (not found) error in the access logs. Is this a known problem? I know this is only a very minor problem, but if there is a solution or workaround, it would make me happy :-)

      Matthias Hoys
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          Hello Matthias,

          the favicon.ico often has problems with mime-type mappings. Do you have the appropriate mapping for the mime-type used for your favicon-reference in your default-web.xml ? How do you reference it anyway?

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            Yes, I have the mapping for .ico files in the default-web.xml file. I don't reference anything, the problem is that Internet Explorer doesn't find the icon when I put it in the /docroot/i/ folder. In the mean time, I found a workaround by copying the favicon files to /docroot/ (so, one folder higher). This seems to do the trick, IE now shows the icon.