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    dataObjectsFolder in monitor.config


      When I enable BAM in a BPEL proces a file monitor.config is created.
      In this file a default for dataObjectsFolder is set:

      <BAM dataObjectsFolder="/Samples/Monitor Express/" adapterConnectionFactoryJNDI="eis/bam/rmi" batch="true" deploymentProtocol="http">

      I cannot find where in JDeveloper these defaults can be set.
      In my cfgplan.xml a section to configure monitor.config is generated:

      <!--To configure monitor.config: -->
           <property name="enabled"><replace>true</replace></property>
           <property name="dataObjectsFolder"><searchReplace><search>/Samples/Monitor Express/</search><replace>/Monitor Express/</replace></searchReplace></property>
      This does not work, dataObjectsFolder is not altered when deploying with this config plan. Has anyone got this to work?

      I am using JDeveloper

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          Heba Fouad-Oracle
          Hi HJHorst     ,

          I don't know if you have fixed the problem or not but it might be useful for you or for anyone else has the same problem because I've been there :)

          you set the jndi factory and the data objects in the file monitor.config
          by default the jdeveloper sets the data object element to the samples data objects but you can change it and point to your own data objects folder or in the case of fusion order demo you should point to /Demos/Fusion Order Demo/ to be able to see changes in the bam dashboard.

          hope it helps

          Heba Fouad