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    Is it possible to define list in XQuery ?

      Hi everybody,
      I wish my question could be easy to someone.
      Consider the following XML document:

      <article id="1" quantity="5"/>
      <article id="2" quantity="4"/>
      <article id="3" quantity="2"/>
      <article id="4" quantity="7"/>

      This document is updated each time a new import is done.
      I maintain a list of old quantities, for example, old = {4,4,2,7}+ indicates that only the first article has been updated.

      For this purpose, I am trying to define a list in XQuery+ as follows: *$old := [4, 4, 2, 7]*,
      and i want to use it in order to detect all updated articles, like: *//article[@quantity < $old[@id]]*.
      Does someone know how to declare a list and use it during the evaluation of documents like presented above ?

      King regards.

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