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    create managed servers

      is there any way to create managed server in putty? i only took the option of starting admin server while running ./config.sh and after finishing all the steps i now want to create manage servers without using the browser. i have started weblogic using honup ./startWeblogic.sh & . As it is in development mode the username and pass has been taken automatically. i tried to search google on how to do it in putty but couldnot find one, every where they are doing it by http browser.

      or i have to do ./config.sh every time if i have to modify or create managed servers?

      and 1 more doubt in real time do we use 1 nodemanager to all domains or individual for each domain? i got a unix box with 2 sample domains, so i have created 2 nodemanagers for both the domains(i dont want both the domains to have dependency). please suggest best practises on nodemanager 1 per box or 1 for each domain?

      thank you.
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          Hi Ravi,

          I have not practically tried it,but the below link will guide u how.


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            Steve Button-Oracle
            By "putty" I'm assuming you mean using the command line in an operating system shell.

            The WLST functionality in WLS gives you a lot of power to execute administration/configuration tasks on a WebLogic Server domain.

            As a really well illustrated example, I'd suggest looking at this blog post from Rene van Wilk which shows how he uses WLST to create an environment consisting of multiple managed servers. The script he provides can be run non-interactively in the WLST shell, or you can type the respective commands you want to use into the shell in an interactive manner.


            Below is an example from his blog that shows the commands used to create and configure a managed server instance. This has been taken from the URL above (without permission, hope it's OK) and I suggest reading his full blog to see the entire script and description thereof.

            082  print 'CREATE MANAGED SERVER: server1';
            083     server1 = cmo.createServer('Server1');
            084     server1.setListenPort(7002);
            085     server1.setAutoRestart(true);
            086     server1.setAutoKillIfFailed(true);
            087     server1.setRestartMax(2);
            088     server1.setRestartDelaySeconds(10);
            089     server1.getServerStart().setJavaHome(jvmlocation);
            090     server1.getServerStart().setJavaVendor('Oracle');
            091     server1.getServerStart().setArguments('-Xms512m -Xmx512m -Xns256m -Xgcprio:pausetime');
            Using his script as a template, I think you should be able to tweak it very easily to support your specific requirements.