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    Multiple outcomes from action


      I have a scenario where the user enters his id on the start page and on clicking submit he should be forwarded to a verification page. But if the user id doesn't exist or if he is disabled, the start page should be displayed with a message.

      The problem I have is, it is always staying on the start page irrespective of the outcome.

      Here is the task flow definition.
      <control-flow-rule id="__11">
            <from-activity-id id="__12">IVS</from-activity-id>
            <control-flow-case id="__14">
              <from-action id="__44">#{sessionScope.IVSActionBean.startAction}</from-action>
              <from-outcome id="__15">questions</from-outcome>
              <to-activity-id id="__13">IVSQuestions</to-activity-id>
            <control-flow-case id="__33">
              <from-action id="__45">#{sessionScope.IVSActionBean.resetStartPage}</from-action>
              <from-outcome id="__34">reset</from-outcome>
              <to-activity-id id="__32">IVS</to-activity-id>
            <control-flow-case id="__40">
              <from-action id="__43">#{sessionScope.IVSActionBean.startAction}</from-action>
              <from-outcome id="__41">resetstart</from-outcome>
              <to-activity-id id="__42">IVS</to-activity-id>
      Please suggest