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    R12 AP Invoice Approval

      We have a requirement to initiate Invoice Approval only for Prepayments. I was able to make the necessary setup in AME to take care of the necessary approval mechanism. However as the 'Use Invoice Approval Workflow' option is chcked int Payables Options, 'Standard' AP Invoices are also requiring approval. Now we do not want any approval for Standard invoices. Is there any way to implement this? There is a Force approval option, but that would require opening each AP invoice one by one and will be vey time consuming. Is there anyway to bypass Invoice approval for Standard Invoices even with 'Use Invoice Approval Workflow' is checked?
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          You can try defining a condition based on SUPPLIER_INVOICE_TYPE_LOOKUP_CODE attribute and attach this condition to your rule. This may work in your case as you can give value as PREPAYMENT for this attribute.


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            Since the Use Invoice Approval is checked, so all the invoices are waiting for approval. The moment the approval is initiated to the invoices, it checks the AME rules and finds out that standard invoices do not require approval. So it will automatically approve the standard invoices and they will not go thorugh the approval cycle.

            In order to achieve this, please schedule the concurrent program Invoice Approval. The scehduling can be as quickly as you need. When this concurrtent program runs, it will pick all the standard invoices which are ready for approval and approve them automatically.

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              The Standard Invoices still have the Approval Status as 'Initiated' after running the Invice Approval program.
              The query in Attributes is:
              select fnd_number.number_to_canonical(ai.INVOICE_AMOUNT),nvl(ai.Invoice_Currency_Code,asp.Invoice_Currency_Code),nvl(ai.Exchange_Rate_Type,asp.Default_Exchange_Rate_Type)
              from ap_invoices_all ai, ap_system_parameters_all asp
              and ai.invoice_type_lookup_code='PAYMENT REQUEST'
              and ai.org_id = asp.org_id;

              Please advise.

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                Click SETUP icon for Payables Invoice Approval
                Click CONDITION under Setup
                Click CREATE button
                Select SUPPLIER_INVOICE_TYPE_LOOKUP_CODE for Attribute
                Put Prepayment in String Value
                Click Apply

                Now go to Rules
                Click Create Button
                Enter Name - e.g. Require approval for Prepayment
                Click Next
                Click Add Condition
                Select SUPPLIER_INVOICE_TYPE_LOOKUP_CODE in (Prepayment)
                Click Continue, click next
                Add Action Type
                Then Finish!

                Note: You should inactive/delete the existing rules to prevent rule conflicts.

                Let me know if it works. Thanks.

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                  Mukul Sharma

                  Try running the Workflow Background Process, that should move transactions that don't require approval from 'Initiated' to 'Not Required'. - Assuming that the rules have been setup correctly.