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    how to implement 2 password policies for 2 organizaions in OIM11g

    A Dhiman
      I have 2 organizations in OIM 11g. and i want to implement two different password policies for them.
      to do that.
      i created 2 rules
      -if organization name = OrgA
      -if organization name = OrgB

      then i created two password policies PasPolA, PasPolB

      I attached the password policies to the 'xellerate user' RO in this combination:

      rule: OrgA | policy: PasPolA | priority: 1
      rule: OrgB | policy: PasPolA | priority: 2

      and removed the default policy.

      The problem is: if i remove the default password policy, the password policies attached doesnt seem to work.
      however the default policy works only if the combination is:
      rule: default | policy: default | priority: any

      also if i try this alone:
      rule: OrgA | policy: PasPolA | priority: 1
      then also nothing works.

      it looks like the password policy triggers only for default rule.

      Can you please let me know, how can i implement this